October 5, 2017

What Is VeteransBizUp

What is VeteransBizUp?
VeteransBizUp is a one day conference developed to educate and empower veterans and their spouses about the necessity of health/wellness, career and entrepreneurship. Our mission is to provide positive reinforcement on how to manage life challenges related to transitioning from military to civilian life, and provide information that can help them leverage lucrative career or entrepreneurship opportunities.

What Information will be provided?
The type of information provided will consist of positive methods, how-to instruction, and knowledge needed to be successful and improve your qualify of life. Therefore, we partnered with professionals and experts who will give detailed instruction on what you need to do. Each presenter is prepared to provide a number of handouts or resources that you can reference during and after the lecture and put into action. Each breakout session will be held in a small intimate setting where you will have their opportunity to not only receive the lecture, but also have the opportunity to ask questions and receive quality feedback.

Who is Eligible to Attend and participate?
Anyone can attend this event. However, it is intended for those with a military or veteran background regardless of status.

How can I Attend?
To attend this event, you must register. Registration is now open. Purchase your tickets now while early-bird prices are in effect.

How can I Support the Cause?
You can help through sponsorship or exhibiting at this event, paying for a “sponsor a vet” attendee ticket, or making a donation to our charity organization. We welcome all organizations that can provide a service to the attendees. The benefit of exhibiting or sponsoring is not only help veterans, but you will also be helping their families as well by sharing information that will improve their lives. Other benefits include generous promotion of your organization along with other perks.  We are also accepting other in-kind donations e.g. brochures, flyers and other information that can be shared during the conference. If you are interested in donating in-kind services or products for the conference, please contact us at info@veteransbizup.com. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please click on Sponsor/Exhibitor menu above to learn more.

How much does it cost?

General Admission fee – Exhibitor/Sponsors, please see related tab above. Early-Bird pricing in affect until 4/30/2018. General Admission is free for all military and veteran attendees. This include full access to all networking and breakout sessions including food and beverage.

Your investment is tax-deductible. Ticket sales from this event will be donated to Destination Achievers Incorporated, a Maryland 501(3)(c) non-profit organization that provides outreach programs for special groups in the areas of career, business and health/wellness. A portion of the sponsor/exhibit sales will also be donated to this charity.

If you are interested in attending, please register by click on the Registration menu to learn more.